Apple and Nectarine Galette

Saturday, July 31, 2010
Despite our apartment already feeling Hades-like hot and incredibly humid thanks to the nighttime rains we've been subject to, I had an overwhelming desire to bake today. I wasn't feeling very well after going out for breakfast with Mom this morning so I decided to try something that seemed somewhat healthy - an apple and nectarine galette. For those of you who don't know (as I didn't before getting my French cookbook, French Taste by Laura Calder), a galette is essentially a free-form pastry. No pie pan; just roll it out and then wrap the dough around the filling. Simple, non? Non. Especially when you don't have the proper ingredients, don't follow recipes at the best of times, and hate being precise. All things that are pretty darned important when it comes to baking. My attitude today however was "C'est la vie".

It seemed to go fairly well, although I did overwork the pastry dough. Tabarnac! It ended up tough and difficult to roll out (which is one of the reasons I normally use a premade crust or mix). I had a piece with a scoop of quickly melting vanilla ice cream which added a little something and helped with the excess cinnamon. Mom loved it although she couldn't taste the nectarines. I'll definately give it another shot some other time when I have all the ingredients and it's not quite so hot outside.

I feel like the scoop of ice cream...melting...


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