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Saturday, July 17, 2010
Still plugging away at the mittens for Milla. However, my brain and fingers need a bit of a break from the mitten knittin' (ha, look at how cool I am with my rhyming!), so I'm starting something for myself this weekend. After the usual grocery run, I headed off to my old knitting store which I haven't visited (I think) in at least a year and a half. Its not as convenient now that I'm more centrally located however, the service I've received from the new store which is closer to where the Swiftsure is now docked has been, shall we say, inconsistent. So, I made the special trip (2 buses...ugh) with the hopes of finding something delightful (and affordable).

Polly, the owner of Knit and Purl (alas, no website), is delightful. Although its been a long time since I've shown my face in her small shop, she remembered me straight away and we had a fantastic chat. Inspired by the fabulicious job Heather did on the Fruit of the Vine scarf from Knitspot, I wanted to make my own (yes, something for ME!). There was no one else in the store which surprised me considering it was noon on a Saturday, so Polly was able to wander the store with me, showing me her suggestions. There was Misti Alpaca which I had used (and still have a ton of) when I tried to make that sweater last year but she only had dark colours, some other delightfully soft fuzzy pink thing which would have been perfect if it wasn't, well, pink. Finally, she showed me her stock of Diamond Yarn Alpaca. Angels began to sing, I kid you not. I was seriously tempted by a burnt ochre/terracotta/orange colour similar to the one Heather used but didn't want to make it seem as though I was copying her completely. All of the colours Polly stocked were rich jewel tones and I had trouble choosing. Finally, I settled on a heart stopping deep ruby that should look lovely against my skin, especially on those cold Alberta winter days when the wind blasts my cheeks and my lips turn blue.

Stay tuned for progress pictures.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Looking forward to seeing those works in progress!

Heather said...

Dude, you could totally have copied me. But ruby red sounds wonderful! Are you going with laceweight or fingering weight?

I'm knitting up a second scarf in a kind of walnut far, so good! I may just keep making these suckers.

Milla said...

I can't wait to see my mittens!!!!!!!

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