Predators (2010)

Friday, July 09, 2010
I treated myself to a much needed day off today, partially for the chance to "relax" but also to do a lot of running around that I won't be able to do this weekend. By noon, the thermometer was in the high 20s, it was humid from a brief rain we had earlier in the morning and I was beat from all the errands I had completed. Thank goodness for air conditioned malls and movie theatres. Jody the non-blogger had let me know a little while back that a new addition to the Predator movie series was coming out today so I made sure to schedule it into my busy day! Predators, here I come.

Quick synopsis and hopefully no spoilers. A group of strangers, armed to the teeth, are parachuted into a jungle with no clue as to how they got there or where they are. After some quick introductions, they realize that they're all mercenaries for hire, special forces, soldiers, serial killers...and a doctor who seems oddly out of place. It quickly becomes apparent that they're not in Kansas anymore; heck, they're not even on earth. They've been dropped on an alien planet which is used as a game preserve for the Predators go on a bit of a hunting safari and the humans are the prey.

First into the theatre, I had my choice of seats and naturally grabbed the best in the house: back of the theatre, dead centre. Ha ha! Suck on that one, all you fanboys and comic book geeks - you have to show up pretty early to beat me. As the theatre began filling up (a much larger crowd than I expected for a beautiful summer Friday afternoon show), I began to notice there were 4 distinct groups of people here to watch this latest installment. The largest group were the middle-aged, heavy set, bald guys followed closely by late 20-something men who were slightly more athletic and all of whom seemed to wear a baseball cap. Next, were the comic book set. You know, the ones that look like rarely see the light of day because they're too busy with role-playing games in their parents basement. Easily recognizable by the white boy afros and cartoon/comic inspired witty t-shirts. Finally, the single, sexy, tattoo'd gals who love action flicks and couldn't care less what you think of them going to the movies by themselves. In case you're confused, I fall into this last category. I counted a grand total of 6 of us in the entire theatre (what can I say, I'm a people watcher).

Overall, the movie was not bad - certainly a huge improvement on Predator 2 and AVP: Requiem. However, it doesn't come close to the original (they never do, do they...except for Aliens). There are now two types of Predators who seem to have some sort of blood feud going on, a new twist which is integral to the outcome of the movie. I read this review from NPR and sadly I have to agree with pretty much everything they said. Especially when it came to the whole Adrien Brody shirtless thing. What was the point? Sheesh. Focus on good movie making, great story telling, character development, dialogue etc. Don't give us beefcake just for the sake of beefcake. Not that I'm complaining though, Brody is pretty yummy.

Predators is a decent action flick but offers us nothing new. We've seen it all before: heros getting picked off one by one, "the enemy of my friend is my friend", famous literary quotes, and stereotypical characters. Speaking of characters, the ones I really wanted to watch battle it out 'til the end were the ones that got killed off early. Bah. However, I found myself enjoying it way more than I had expected. Two hours flew by. Recommended? Yeah, why not. I'd definately buy a copy before I even consider watching Predator 2 again but I'd prefer to just have a copy of the original.


Heather said...

You know, I haven't seen any of the AVP movies. I should check them out.

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