Air Quality Warning issued for Alberta

Thursday, August 19, 2010
This morning, the Government of Alberta issued an air quality advisory for the entire province. Smoke from forest fires running amok in British Columbia is hitting our province and wreaking havoc on people with asthma, emphysema and other breathing conditions. We're being advised that even those of us who are relatively healthy should avoid doing anything strenuous outside until Sunday, when the air quality is expected to improve. This poses a problem for me and hundreds of other folks here in the Capital this weekend. The Intact Canadian Derby Edmonton Marathon is scheduled for Saturday/Sunday and includes the 10K walk Mom and I are scheduled to do. We'll be discussing what to do tonight and make a decision likely closer to the time depending on what the air is like.

Already my nose and throat are irritated. While I love the smell of wood smoke when I'm camping, its not pleasant when sitting at my desk trying not to use up an entire box of kleenex before the end of the day. Looking out the windows, we can't see across the river or the taller buildings downtown. Normally I can see my apartment building from the office. Today? Nope.

Took a picture on my cell phone but can't figure out how to send it to my email. I'll try to take one with my camera when I get home tonight.


Gardenia said...

I have friends in British Columbia so they have been writing about the fires. Seems the pesky pine beetles eat into the trees - the trees die but are kindling for fires and then when they light it takes out the forests! Right now their area is on alert - I hope they don't have to evacuate. The smoke can be a horrible problem to people with respiratory. Hope this situation clears up quickly for all concerned!

sp said...

I hope you get some better air quality so that you and your mom can make the walk!

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