The Return Voyage - Update

Tuesday, August 17, 2010
I'm sad to say that it is official - my plans to return to England in the spring (2011) is off the table. Unfortunately, my financial situation just will not allow it at this point. Its disappointing because London was lovely in March, just the perfect temperature, and the Kentish countryside was absolutely lovely - green, lush and full of cows and sheep. Sure, Whitstable was a bit chilly but a true sailor doesn't care about such things. But I am not easily defeated!

After a review of my budget, items needed to be purchased, and taking into consideration the looks like I will be able to return to that lovely land next September or October. Actually I probably could go in July or August but that's summer. Too hot for my liking, too expensive for my wallet, and I'll never get the time off from work at that time of year. Late September/early October sounds just about right for me and my cold Canadian blood. Not sure what temps in and around London will be like at the time of year but who cares? I'll be overseas!!!

So, prepare yourself, blogger buddies across the pond. Milla - I'm booking you for (1) another super long walk wherever you decide to take me, (2) dinner, and (3) a drink at the Ship Tavern. AsteRed's, if there's room at your fine inn, I'm available for fish and chips, rousing games of Scrabble, trying to outstare your cat, and sitting quietly in the back seat while touring around southern England. I'll even eat pizza with corn on it (and not complain). An added bonus? You already know my feelings on chicken thighs! Alun? No more ill-timed health issues, OK? Otherwise, I'll hop on a train (I know how to do that after my last trip) and show up on your doorstep demanding to know why you're not visiting me after I'd flown halfway around the world. Am I missing anyone? Speak up now as my calendar's filling up fast.

Before start explaining how time works, I do realize that Fall 2011 is a year away. Have you forgotten what I was like during the months leading up to my last trip? Get used to it folks. I am a Capricorn. This is what we do. We're a bit annoying that way but as a rule, we're always prepared. So prepared, I even tried to look up flights this morning. Unfortunately, Air Canada doesn't give you the option of looking up fares/flights which are longer than a year away. Damn. Flights for March are still $1200 with taxes. No change from 2 years ago. That's a good sign I guess...


Wandering Coyote said...

Good luck with the saving & planning! You can do it!

S.M. Elliott said...

Yay! I don't doubt for a minute you'll be shipping out this fall.
We're returning to Taiwan in the spring, which will be awesome.

tweetey30 said...

You mean this is what i have to look forward to when Kora gets older.. She is a Capricorn also.. her b-day is Jan 13th.. oh no.. lol.. Well take it easy and hope things go as planned..

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now you have more time for anticipation! I hope your plans go well. If you discover any secrets for saving money, please pass them along. If they allow for a child attending university in the country's most expensive city, so much the better.

Milla said...

You can book me for anything you like! In fact, London in the autumn is beautiful, with the parks full of warm colours. Hm, maybe the long walk will be along Hide Park and we can have some food in Notting Hill Gate.
First time we went eastwards.
Second time we are going westwards.

There! I'm alredy making plans too.

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