Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Whew! After a marathon week of knitting and catching up on missed episodes of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report, I have finished Milla's March Mittens. Not bad - only 6 months. I think that's a new record (but not in a good way). I hope she likes them. I will be shipping them off this weekend so they should get to her by ... hmmm, let me check the calendar ... ah, yes ... Christmas, considering how messed up Canada Post is.

I wonder what colour they are...

My first real knitting injury. A blister. That's how dedicated I am. Its not too bad at the moment, I'm guessing it will pop by tomorrow. It was worth it though, the mittens turned out quite well and I had only a few mistakes. I'm so excited to be able to share them with Milla.


Heather said...

Dude. You knit so hard you got a blister?



Barbara Bruederlin said...

They are lovely. I quite like the pattern, which must have been tricky to do.

Milla said...

WHOOOAAAA!! My mittens!!!

I am sorry about your blister, but I am HAPPY I'll receive the mittens! THANK YOU!!

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