The Only Good Mosquito is a Dead Mosquito

Monday, August 23, 2010

Stepped out of the shower this morning and started drying off, when out of the corner of my, I caught a blurry movement on the ceiling. I didn't have my glasses on and considering we have three furry cats in an apartment, I assumed it was cat hair floating in the air. I wrapped the towel around myself and reached for my glasses. Before they completely fogged up, I saw what it really was: a skeeter. How did it get into the bathroom, you ask? Well, the balcony doors are wide open when we're home and its not raining in order to allow the kitties a chance to get outside. They sometimes spend hours outside, sleeping in the sun. Naturally, a bug or two is going to find it's way into the apartment. Try not to imagine me flailing around the bathroom trying to kill this little bugger before he gets a chance to land and bite me while trying to keep my towel from falling. Although it wouldn't have mattered much, the door was closed, but I think I was concerned that he might find somewhere inappropriate to land and that would not have been pleasant.

I can't wait for cooler weather and these guys to disappear for another year. It shouldn't be too long now...the leaves are changing colour in the river valley already! I'll nab a picture tomorrow.


tweetey30 said...

Wow. already?? they are still full bloom here in WI.. I Know what you mean with the skeeters though. We had one bon fire this year and other wise its been to dang wet and mosquito filled out in our own back yard to do much. I have to put off on just to mow the dang yard..

Milla said...

My worst mosquito bites count was 72, one summer in Bulgaria.
This year the worst count as been about 30. Mostly on my legs.

I fuking HATE mosquitos!

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