Sunday Morning

Sunday, August 22, 2010
Last night, the smoke continued to be thicker than we felt was good for us so we skipped the actual 10K race. However, we did pick up our race packages, including t-shirts, in the afternoon. Instead, we headed off to the cinema and caught an afternoon showing of The Expendables. How was it? Not bad I suppose. Terrible dialogue, worse acting, lots of things went boom, including a few bodies. Simply an excuse to put all the action heroes from the 80s and 90s together in a movie. Pretty bad when the best acting in a movie comes from the likes of Eric Roberts and Jason Statham (oooh but oh so yummy). Jet Li was also pretty good but Dolph Lundgren's acting actually seems to have gotten worse over the years, if that's even possible.

The next morning I woke up to this:

It would have been a lovely sunrise if it wasn't for the smoke. We decided to make up the missed race with one of our own. Mom and I headed downstairs to the building's mini "gym" and hopped on the bikes. Its been a few years since I've ridden one and I quickly remembered why: my butt went numb within the first few minutes. However, I rode it out (har har) and covered 5 miles in 30 minutes (that works out to just over 8K). Mom managed 10 miles in the same time but in my defense, I was doing the hill program so I didn't cover as much linear distance. I had forgotten what a great workout the bike can be ... until I got off. I almost fell over, my legs were so weak and my butt so sore.

The rest of my day is lazy and relaxing. I haven't been sleeping well so I'm hoping for a nap, some mindless television, and a little bit of reading. This weekend has gone by too fast.


mister anchovy said...

excellent photos...however you've arranged the settings on your blog, it's stopped me from being able to post a comment as mister anchovy BUT link to 27th street. It only allows me to use my google account which is linked to my old blogger blog. Some blogger blogs allow me to comment with a name/url option. Some others will allow me to link to my WordPress blog but I have to post a comment as 27th street instead of as mister anchovy. All of this reminds me of why I moved on over to WordPress a while back.

Wandering Coyote said...

I think I'll give The Expendables a miss...I see on CBC this morning that Stallone wrote & directed the whole thing, too, and that there is a sequel in the works. Ugh.

The pictures are really nice, even though they tell a not so nice story.

The numb bum will get better, I promise you!

Milla said...

I watched Salt at the week-end, the new one with Angelina Jolie. Dolph, Jason, Sylvester, Arnold, they can all eat TURNIP.

P.S. Salt is pretty bad too, by the way.

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