Tuesday, August 10, 2010
I'm currently enjoying an extra extra extra long weekend, boys and girls. That's right, the Captain took Monday - Thursday of this week off to relax. Not sure if you can technically call that a vacation considering that I'm not going anywhere or doing much of anything. What do I have planned, you ask? Well, there's knitting - I'm working on Milla's mittens which I started back in, um, March, I think? Then there's a scarf for myself, possibly a pair of mittens for myself as well, a scarf for a coworker, another scarf for Mommikins for Christmas and, if I have time before Christmas, a scarf for a family member. Then, there's reading. Thanks to the generosity of my buddies, Alun and Coyote, I received two gifts of books this past week (thank you thank you thank you!) which have been added to an already big stack from the library sitting on my bedside table, waiting for me to crack them open. Then there's movies, trashy daytime television, and cat snuggles during long sunsoaked naps.

Vacation though has its downsides - I have to keep it down during the day as Mommikins is sleeping. Bummer, I can't vacuum. No, seriously, I'm bummed because I've got an urge to clean the apartment. Also, my coworker, Earthquake Girl, has my home number and email so I've gotten the update on the work situation. Not good. There's a whole lotta drama surrounding her and our supervisors and its not pretty. I can't get into the details but its stressing me out and I'm not happy about it. Ms. Poo Poo Pants and I have discussed it and I'm not answering any more emails/calls from her until I get back to the office on Friday. Thankfully she then goes on vacation for two weeks next week so there should be a bit of relief.

Still twittering away although I'm still not sold. We shall see how long I can keep it up.


Wandering Coyote said...

Glad the book got to you OK!

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