Fuel (2008)

Monday, September 06, 2010

This afternoon, while half-listening to the Eskimos get trounced (yet again) by the Stampeders, I watched the 2008 documentary, Fuel. I really enjoyed the film which, unlike a lot of other oil-based documentaries, focuses a great deal on renewable alternatives to petroleum-based products. Oh sure, there's the standard doom and gloom at the beginning, linking the causes of 9/11 to our dependence on foreign oil (with some big suggestions that it was planned by the US gov't although they don't come out and say it directly), but after that first 1/3 of the film, it switches to practical, environmentally sustainable sources of fuel. These include various biodiesels, solar and wind, and one that I hadn't heard of before: algae. The great thing about the use of algae farms? They utilize waste water to grow the algae. Sigh. Could this be our future? It certainly is green. I'm all for it. Oh and Candy would be thrilled, they also talked about urban vertical farming. Yeah, baby.

I learned a number of interesting tidbits while watching this doc. For instance, in Germany, the government offers huge tax incentives for biodesiel. As a result, its far less expensive than regular oil and gas, and the Germans are apparently going mad for it. In Sweden, they have a national mandate to be petroleum-free by the year 2020. Yes, you read that correctly: an entire country that is petroleum-free. The people of Sweden decided this is what they wanted and the government listened. Shock and awe. A government that listens to its people???? The Swedish government has removed ALL taxes on renewable fuels. Absolutely stunning. Did you know that when Jimmy Carter was in the White House, he installed solar panels? You might think I'm crazy since you don't see them there now. I'm not crazy - they're gone. You can thank the president who followed Carter into the White House. Ronald Reagan.

To quote Sheryl Crow (yes, the singer; she was interviewed along with a number of celebrities for the film):

"If we really are going to let our government speak for us, then our government has to hear from us."

I highly recommend you pick yourself up a copy from your local video store and watch Fuel. Oh, and while you're at it, write your mayor/city council, provincial/state/territorial/federal government representatives. Tell them you want change and you want it now.


S.M. Elliott said...

I found "Collapse" really interesting, but it's pretty scary. I think I'd prefer Fuel; more solutions, less panicking.

Steve said...

Sounds interesting, I will definitely have to check it out. We really need to start raising awareness regarding fossil fuels and they toll we are taking on our planet.

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