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Saturday, September 18, 2010
I feel bad. I've been neglecting you. That's not what a good blogger does. So, I apologize. Please forgive me! However, there has been a great deal of shite going on in the world and it's been keeping me from you.

In case you hadn't heard, the Catholic Church is bad. The Pope has finally apologized to sexual abuse victims in Britain. I'm sure its greatly appreciated by those who were abused that the Church is finally acknowledging that it happened. However, I still don't see anything being done about the priests who committed these horrendous crimes, or those that covered up their abuses and tried to keep everything hush-hush. The Pope himself was one of those who led the whole cover up. This sickens me. Some are calling for his resignation; I'd like to see him prosecuted.

Closer to home, our Premier hosted three U.S. Senators on a visit to the Oilsands in Northern Alberta. They came away I find it interesting that "the senators did not talk to environmentalists, scientists or aboriginal people who live downstream from the oilsands who have voiced concerns about the adverse impacts of pollution". I'm sure there's a very good reason that government officials and oil/gas representatives left this out of their tour of the region....

And don't get me started on the whole Ground Zero Mosque/burning the Qu'ran debate. It just re-enforces my belief that the average person is really quite stupid.

Yes, the news these days is pretty freaking depressing. To cheer myself up, I went out last night with the girls for dinner/drinks. I behaved myself, at least in regards to what I ate/drank. Our conversation covered just about everything: sex, genital waxing, hairy-assed Italian men, drug trafficking, and more sex. The young guy sitting at the table next to us, working on his laptop, was quite intrigued by what a group of 20/30-something ladies discuss when they get together. We tried not to be too rude and included him in the conversation when we could.

Tomorrow, I'm going to relax and do nothing. No phone calls, limited computer time, no going out. There's going to be football on all day long so I'm pulling out my knitting and flaking out in my big comfy chair. There will be no getting dressed - just me and my jammies. The weather's been cool and frosty (it was -2 the other morning!) so I'm settling in. Fantastic.

One last thing: blogger buddy, friend, and all round groovy guy, David is taking part in Mo'Vember and growing himself a 'stache and raising money for Prostate Cancer research. To show our support, Coyote and I have not only donated a few bucks, we're both refusing to shave our legs for the month of November. Things could get a bit...hairy. Ha! I'm funny. Donate today please!!! Or, grow your own handlebars, mutton chops, or goatee.


* (asterisk) said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Cap'n.
PS: I feel for the guy on the laptop!

Wandering Coyote said...

Well, as you know from FB, I'm pissed at that whole US senator visit thing. I just...urghhh...never mind! I can't get started!

How nice of you to include that guy in your conversation! I'm sure he felt appreciated! (Was he single, perhaps?)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Now I am all jealous about your planned pyjama day! I really should have them more often than once a year.

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