Alberta Jones and The Cauliflower Concoction

Sunday, October 17, 2010
The past few nights I haven't been sleeping well. I think perhaps because of the change in the weather - its feeling decidely fall-like with temperates at or below zero overnight. While I love this weather, whenever there's a big change, my body goes a bit wonky. Because of the lack of sleep, I've started feeling a bit rundown. So, in an effort to feel better, I decided to cook some "comfort food". What's more comforting than soup?

Growing up, my parents rarely made soup unless it came from a red and white can. And cream soups were limited to tomato (mmmmmm). It wasn't until I became an adult and was out on my own that I really began to experience "soup". To be fair, I really haven't experienced that much in terms of soup (would you believe I've NEVER had French Onion?) although I like a good minestrone. I've attempted to make corn chowder (properly pronouned chow-daah 'cause I'm an Easterner) which was meh so when I saw the Pioneer Woman's recipe for creamy Cauliflower Soup, I was a bit apprehensive despite it looking and sounding delicious. However, the lump in my throat won out so I dived in.

First up, melt some butter, toss in some onion, then some carrot and celery to create what the fancy French folk call a mirepoix. Look at me, I'm fancy. And possibly >1% French. Fantastic.

The delicious smells coming from the kitchen not only brought the kittehs out of hiding, daring adventurer/archaeologist and third cousin, twice removed, Alberta Jones flew in for a visit. I was quite surprised as he's usually too busy, chasing Nazis, raiding tombs, and avoiding snakes to pop by and see family. His reply? I always have Thyme for you.

This was lucky for me since the recipe called for parsley which I detest and I couldn't think of anything witty to say using parsley...

Next up, mixing in a whole lotta chopped up cauliflower and the aforementioned thyme. Already it was smelling divine. I was tempted to taste test but having a gun shoved in my face and the threat of a lego bullet up the left nostril was enough to keep me from back.

However, he was soon distracted by a pair of eyes.

Knowing I am avoiding the salt, he was diligint about examining each and every ingredient I used. "I see you're still using the red and white stuff - it is so high in sodium, you know". Sigh. This from the legoman who likes to lick the salt off of sunflower seeds and then throw the seeds away. Freak. I quickly pointed out to him that although there was salt in the veggie broth, it was the same as the low-salt version of the chicken and this way, I got less fat. Suck on that one flyboy.

Upset that I had humiliated him in front of the kittehs, he climbed up the side of the pot and teetered on the edge of the spoon, threatening to end it all if I didn't apologize. When did lego archaeologists get sooooo tempermental? Fine, I offered to make it up to him by giving him his own series on the blog. The possibility of widespread internet fame was enough to bring him down off the ledge. His ego is going to get wildly out of control very quickly.

Boil, simmer, lean head over pot and receive delicious soup facial. Ahhhhhhh. Sundays are wonderful. Finally, add a mixture of flour, butter, milk, and half and half to the soup mixture and let it simmer a bit more.

The swirling milky vortex. Ok, not exactly swirling and really not a vortex but it sounds cool, no?

"I would give up all my fame, fortune and funtimes for a spoon..."

The verdict? Pretty yummy. I halved the recipe and still had enough for 5 servings but didn't add enough cauliflower. I also didn't chop it up quite small enough. Next time (and there will be a next time!), I'll add more of the veggies and perhaps some chicken to make it a bit thicker. The consistency of the broth/milk sauce mixture thing was good - not too thick but not runny either. Needed a touch more flavour, perhaps a different herb although the thyme was nice. I'd definately recommend it.

And yes, I've added a new section on the sidebar for The Alberta Jones Chronicles where you can read all about his wacky adventures in my ktichen. Give the recipe a try too. It's lovely.


sp said...

Here's to soup! I love making soup, but db is not as keen as I am. He likes it, but not as much as I do, so I have to restrain myself from turning the veggies on the counter into a steaming pot of soup. I try to keep it to every 2 weeks. Joy.

Milla said...

Lovely little fella you've got there!
I love soup, especially the leek and potato soup, with a little bit of gorgonzola dolce on the side.... yum yum!

Kasia said...

That looks good! I think I'll be trying it!

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