Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween to all you Trick'or'Treaters out there. Sorry, I have no candy but I'm not worried. I live too high up for you to toilet paper my apartment or throw eggs at the windows. The joys of living in a building that only rents to adults. Mom and I are spending a quiet day watching football (those damn Lions are beating the Riders...so much for Edmonton making the playoffs this week), doing laundry and relaxing. I even made a big Sunday supper - chicken with potatoes, gravy and all the fixings. Mmmmmm.
Oh, don't forget. Now that Halloween has come (and will be gone in a few short hours), Mo'vember is about to start. Please sign up or donate to someone today. I'm really looking forward to all the Mo's or 'Staches (whatever you want to call them) that men will be sporting this year. A number of NHL'ers are even growing them in an effort to raise money for prostate cancer research.

With October over, the journey towards Christmas begins. We don't go too crazy in our family when it comes to presents - its mainly about getting together with friends and family, and (of course) the food. Big brother, as always, will be doing the big turkey feast. Mom and I will be doing a smaller Christmas Eve dinner and my thoughts have already started thinking of what to make. We've done an appetizer buffet. We've also done lasagna and a baked pasta with salad and garlic bread. What will we be creating this year to feed the kids, Big Brother and wife, and possibly the non-related "Uncle" Rudi? I have no idea. There'll be a few nibblies to keep folks busy before the actual meal - veggies, cheese, crackers. But for the meal itself? Egads, I'm stymied. The only thing I'm even considering at the moment is homemade mac and cheese. Or four cheese and bacon mac and cheese. I'm leaning heavily towards the bacon option... I've never ever had homemade mac and cheese (I've only ever had Kraft Dinner - ugh) so it'll be a challenge for me to make and I'm hoping I'll like it. Mom is very excited about it. But what do we make with it?

We don't want anything too complicated but we'll need some sort of protein and a veggie dish (we're thinking just a big chunky salad). Any suggestions? Yes, its a little ways away but you know that I'm a capricorn so I've got to get it set up know. Help!!!!


Wandering Coyote said...

OMG...don't remind me that Xmas is coming! I can't handle it!

Mmmm...mac & cheese...Once you have the homemade stuff, you'll never go back. You can serve it with anything - steak, grilled chicken, fish...It's very versatile.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh yes, ditch that KD! Homemade mac and cheese with whole wheat pasta and a variety of cheese, with a little bread crumb topping - OMG! WC is right, it goes with anything.

sp said...

Homemade mac and cheese is delicious! (of course I do the vegan version with the delightful daiya faux cheese that's taken the vegan world by storm)
A bread crumb topping is nice if you bake it. I'll often mix bread crumbs and ground nuts (usually almonds) to add another nutritional element. Your protein is in your cheese, and in the veggies you choose, and in nuts if you choose to add.
I often add veggies into my mac and cheese bake. I usually add peas, green beans, or zucchini or all three -- something with a little crunchier texture. Or I'll go with the greens as in a chopped kale, chard, or spinach baked into the dish (cook them a little first with some olive oil and garlic for some extra flavour). Again it adds a nice texture. Then you can just do a salad on the side and that's all you need.

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