My Christmas is Planned

Sunday, October 17, 2010
One of the great things I love about Christmas is the great movies that come out this time of year. And although I've only done it once (twice?), going to the theatre on Christmas day is something of a joy. I've spent the holidays completely by myself (well, there was a cat one year) a few times and despite what my friends and family expected, I was far from lonely. I relished in the relaxed pace of the holidays - getting up when I wanted; eating pizza all day long; watching crappy DVD's in my jammies. No stress, no family fights...awesome.

This year, I won't be alone for the holidays - Mom and I have gotten into the habit of opening our presents at home and then heading over to Big Brother's for the afternoon/evening. And we likely won't be going to a movie on Christmas day but we will be going to one on Boxing Day. I'm not a fan of the remake. I've repeatedly bitched about Hollywood's habit of making shit reproductions of great films, both foreign and domestic. However, a remake is exactly what's on tap for this year's Christmas movie. Mom and I will be going to see the remake of True Grit.

It helps that I've never seen the original although I do know about it and there's no image in my head of John Wayne more iconic than pics of him from the original with that eye patch. As soon as I say the preview though, I told mom this is what we're seeing. I haven't been this excited about a western in ... um ... I don't know I've ever been this excited for a western. Josh Brolin, Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon? Plus its a Coen Bro's film. This had better be good. Mom's only question when I told her? Who's playing the girl?! She didn't care who else was in it but the question of the girl's casting was her big concern. I'm guessing she was worried it would be that annoying Dakota Fanning.

In addition to the movie, Mom is spoiling me and the niece and nephew. Yesterday she picked up tickets for the four of us to go and watch The Wizard of Oz on Christmas Eve Day. The seats are almost as good as we had for Tom Jones but we don't need to be quite as close. My only concern other than if the kids are going to sit still for the entire thing is how they're going to recreate the flying monkeys. Hmmmmmm.


27thstreet said...

It's been years since I've seen the original True Grit. I recall it being an OK John Wayne vehicle. Curious choice for Coen brothers. The last remake western I was was 310 to Yuma which was excellent (as was the original).

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