Christmas Shopping - the Beginning and the End

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Look at me! I'm full of enery and over-the-top excited to be heading out to do my Christmas shopping today. Its still November so I'm hoping the crowds won't be too bad. My goal is to finish up all my shopping in one day (minus the odd small item or stocking stuffer - mom's stuff was finished last week). Its an ambitious goal but I've got a plan.

I brought my sister-in-law. Her super power? Super shopper.

We decided to avoid the malls and chain stores and instead ended up on Whyte Avenue. For those of you in CowTown, this is roughly the equivalent of Kensington, I believe. Lots of independent retailers with unique items - I'm sure I'll find the perfect items here. First stop, bookstore!

Greenwoods, along with Audrey's Books, are probably THE two best independent bookstores in the city. Scratch off presents for the niece and nephew. I won't show you what I bought but I can say that they both involve Simon's Cat. The staff were fantastic and very friendly, and the store had a giant pot of apple cider for customers to enjoy. I could have stayed all day...

Next stop...PUPPY TOWN! Not really but did meet this lovely lady whose name escapes me now that I've uploaded my pics. This is one of the great things about independent stores - store pets. While a chain, every Wee Book Inn has a bookstore cat named after famous hockey players (and yes, there's one on Whyte Ave). The gorgeous pooch above is the puppy-in-residence at Laurel's On Whyte where I picked up part of stepmom's gift. If you're looking for unique, beautiful flower arrangements, head to Laurel's.

The second half of her gift was found at Ten Thousand Villages. Oh so much here that I loved. I could have spent a LOT of money in here but had to restrain myself. Unique gifts AND free trade? Done and done. The stepmom won't care but I feel good about it. They also had free coffee samples (free trade, organic) for customers to enjoy but I didn't sample it. Super Sister in Law did and enjoyed it, and a number of ladies in the store were buying it in large quantities (if you buy 5 bags, you get 10% off) and raving!

A couple more stops where I picked up gifts for Dad (the Tin Box), something small and quite interesting for Big Brother at When Pig's Fly (even though we're not exchanging gifts - I saw it and instantly thought of him), and a bag full of novelty mints and other things for coworkers. Topped off the day (5 hours of shopping!) with a stop at midday for lunch at Julio's Barrio where we feasted on burritos, rice and taco chips with some delicious salsa. Ahhhhhhhh.

Christmas shopping is complete. I will pick up some treats for the kitties, likely some Greenies which it seems all cats love but essentially it's finished. Now, I have to wrap. Bring on the tape.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

Whyte Avenue is great. I've only been there once, during Fringe one year, but would love to go back sometime.

We have a Ten Thousand Villages fairly close and I love to go there at Christmas. I got a goat from there once!

27thstreet said...

um, it's just November, eh? Looks to me that you're a very good shopper though.

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