Edmonton's Holiday Light Up 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010
I apologize in advance for the crappy photos. My battery was really low so it wouldn't focus half the time... Mom and I just got back from the city's annual Christmas on the Square Holiday Light Up. The Christmas street lights have already been on for 2 weeks now but this was the official lighting if the the city's Christmas tree. As you can see, Grannie Dawn was practically squeeeing with delight at the thought of going...

It was somewhat of a last-minute decision to go. I had given it some thought earlier in the week but when it came time to get ready, I wasn't really in the mood. However, I gave Big Brother a call and it turned out he and his offspring were already at Sir Winston Churchill Square; so, we threw on our coats, grabbed some mitts and headed up the hill.

Ain't he cute? That's an Auntie Karen original creation keeping his noggin warm. And all the other kids at his school are jealous and keep trying to steal it during recess. Yep, coolest Auntie ever.

Big Brother's trying to look his most gangsta. Sadly, father of two, it doesn't work on you. Despite the man-purse, he's still pretty cool in my books.

The official city Christmas tree (before light up) and Mr. Churchill keeping on an eye on all the out of control smoking teenagers who frequent the square.

And after the big turn on by 3rd term Mayor Stephen Mandel and some fat guy in a big red suit. They decided to go with a green and gold theme due to the Grey Cup being held in Edmonton this year.

Fireworks. You can JUST see the tops of the niece and nephew's heads as they dance with delight at the flashy booming lights.

I am so disappointed that this shot turned out so grainy. I love it. Next time, the battery will be charged...


Milla said...

HAHAHAAHA I love your comment about your brother looking like a gangsta.
Yesterday in london there was the Lord Mayor Parade I believe -cannot have been too pretty with all the fog and the rain...

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Your "crappy" photos are a gajillion times better than my best ones.

Love the hat too!

tweetey30 said...

love them all.. thanks for sharing. ia m not sure when we do our local lighting of the tree if the do it anymore since they put a damned condominium down town where the tree was located they lit every year..

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