Zuppa di Zuccha for Sunday Soup Day

Sunday, November 07, 2010
Doesn't roasted butternut squash soup sound delicious? Hearty, thick, warm....perfect for a cool fall day, no? I've seen a number of recipes on the internet but when I came across this simple recipe, I figured now was the time to try it. I've never eaten butternut squash before so instead I opted to use acorn squash, one that I was familar with and enjoy the taste of. Not sure if this makes a difference in the taste - isn't squash...squash?

Anyways, onto the cooking. As I mentioned, the recipe is simple. Take a squash, cut it up and scoop out the innards. Next, grab an onion, cut it in half - no need to peel. Then, grab a bulb of fresh garlic. Chop off the tops. Again, no need to peel. Throw it all into a roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil, top with a bit of fresh thyme, cover with foil and throw into a 400 degree oven for about an hour or until the squash is done.

See? Easy peasy.

I forgot to cover with foil.

Damn it.

Result - the outer layer of my cooked squash was a wee bit tough which made scooping it out of the skin and into a blender once it cooled (the next step) a bit difficult. But I did it nonetheless. And bitched the whole time. I threw in three of the garlic cloves and 1/2 the onion and turned on the blender.

It didn't blend.

I added a little bit of chicken stock.

It still didn't blend.
I added more stock.


I added some cream and a lot more chicken stock.

It moved ... a little.

Frustrated, I mashed it all up and threw it into a pot with even more stock and cream. And some sage. And black pepper. And a few chile pepper flakes for good measure. Eventually, the heat from the stove and my constant stirring turned it into something resembling soup. Or baby food. More than likely somewhere in between. I topped with croutons which made it look slightly more appetizing. To be fair, it smelled delightful - all the flavours of Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner rolled into one. Too bad it looked like something my nephew once vomitted on my tshirt while I was babysitting. I probably should have added more stock to thin it out but I had already added half a container of stock and I was worried about losing the squash taste. I shouldn't have worried.

So, the verdict? Meh.

It was edible.

I was hungry.

I ate it.

Would I make it again? Not likely.


27thstreet said...

An alternative approach, instead of roasting the squash, is to cut it into small cubes, sautee it with onion and a little olive oil for a while, then add your stock and whatever else and let it all cook together.

sp said...

There is definitely a difference between acorn and butternut squashes. Butternut has a buttery quality. It's softer and creamier.

Try the butternut squash next time and do as 27thstreet says, it may be tastier. It also only uses one pot, which is a bonus.

I use this recipe with a mixture of root veggies (sometimes roasted, sometimes not) as well for a hearty warming soup. One of my faves.

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