Thursday, December 16, 2010
This morning, as usual, I got up and checked my email over breakfast. Yes, before you ask, I was very careful to NOT trip over the mouse cord ... again. There was something from Apple, taunting me with the thought of a new personalized iPod. I decided not to order one since I've asked Mom for a Shuffle already. Some Facebook updates. A bit of spam. And an e-mail from J2P3 titled "Running Stuff" or something like that. While she was working out last night, she started thinking about the two of us running the 5K in March and how awesome we were going to be. She was very sympathetic about my bum toe and wrote three little words in an attempt to put things in perspective:

Progress not Perfection

I'm not lying when I say those three little words made me cry.

How is it that something so simple is so perfect? I'm going to try and live by those words in 2011. Sure my running training is offschedule slightly due to the "trip" I took earlier this week but that doesn't mean I have to give up. I just might not be able to run as long as I want to during the first 5K. Big deal, at least I'll be doing it. Even if I have to run 1 x 2s or 2x1s. It doesn't matter. It just gives me something to work towards, right?

Look out folks, fat girl on a mission.


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