Saturday, December 04, 2010
As some of you may know from Facebook, Mom and I were planning on getting a real Christmas tree this year for the apartment. We rarely had a real tree growing up - heck my dad still had the same beat up artificial Christmas tree from my childhood when he married my stepmother when I was in my late 20s. There's something special about the smell of a real tree, the way ornaments and lights hang off it, the way the branches settle once you untie it. Ahhhhh....memories of long ago holiday seasons.

A coworker jokingly suggested it would negate our insurance and perhaps I should talk to Mr. X, one of my coworkers who works in our insurance area. Ha ha, says I. Shut up. Nothing would stop our dream. Upon reflection though, and encouragement from Jenny Jenn Poo Poo Pants, I put a call into our rental office to get the scoop on their Christmas tree policy. Damn. Why am I always a "play by the rules" sort of gal? A decisive NO was their answer. Sadly, there will be no joy in Whoville our apartment this holiday season. Or so it seemed.

We figured all was lost and we'd have to settle for my tiny, sad little tree. I had looked online at the prices of new artificial trees at Zellers and Canadian tire, and almost choked. Gawd. Then, a co-workerd piped up and said that she had 3 6-foot trees and I was welcome to one if I wanted. You're darned tooting I do! She's offered to have one of her sons load it into her car and then one day after work next week, she'll deliver the tree and me off at my door. Her unexpected generosity warmed my heart.


27thstreet said...

We have an old artificial tree and it does the trick for us.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

How lovely of her! You have some very sweet coworkers.

Heather said...

Our building does allow real trees, but I wish it didn't. It always makes me nervous to think of the fire hazard.

We have an artificial tree that does the trick...and has the lights already built in! Very swanky.

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