Goodbye 2010 - You Can Suck It

Friday, December 31, 2010
So, that was 2010, was it? Well, frankly I wasn't very impressed. Sure, it wasn't an overly shitty year but it certainly didn't rank as one of my top 10. Let's recap:

January: I turned 37. Yee haw. Long lost Lego relative Alberta Jones visited.

February: I began seeing a dietician who's advice consisted mainly of following the Canada Food Guide. Good thing I don't pay for this service. Yet another V-Day alone. Made big plans to visit local E-town attractions which never came to fruition.

March: My coworkers husband passed away after a very long, horrible illness. I began the summer from hell. Big Brother turned 40 and had a big party with the awesomest cake ever: the Necrinomicake. The dietician told me I was fatter than I thought I was. Yay!

April: Bought new running shoes and began walking more. Ate cupcakes. Planted balcony garden. Gained 2lbs following the dietician's advice. Tried a power yoga class. Stopped going to power yoga class.

May: Left Facebook. Earthquake Girl develops serious medical issue. Work future does not look good.

June: Won a gold medal. In cribbage. Coworker returns to the office. World Cup soccer/football.

July: Won tickets to the Edmonton Indy and actually enjoyed the experience. Canada Day came and went - I was in bed sleeping when it happened.

August: The trees began changing colours. Read the worst book ever. Began Tweeting.

September: Felt good about myself - lost 8lbs this year.

October: First snowfall of the season. Alberta Jones returned.

November: Paid off my overdraft. One small step for Karen, one giant babystep for getting out of debt. Attended 1/2 of the Grey Cup.

December: Seem to have broken my big toe (yes, THAT big toe) again. Spent Christmas Day in the emergency room. No Christmas dinner.

That was, essentially, 2010. I have no life. No excitement. Nothing interesting to report. Sigh. How sad. I suppose I should make a list of things I'd like to accomplish for 2011 but to be honest, I'm tired and could go to bed now (its only 535pm...). Still not 100% from the weekend. All right, here goes:

- concentrate more on improving my health (eating better, more walking once my toe's better, etc)
- read more (I'd like to make my way through 20-25 books)
- less time on the internet
- knit something for myself

There you go. Hope you all have a fantastic 2011. Please party responsibly tonight and make sure you have a sober ride home planned in advance. See you in the new year.


Wandering Coyote said...

Well, here's to an exciting, fulfilling 2011 for you my friend!

27thstreet said...

Best wishes in 2011 from Anchovy-town

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Best wishes for a new improved 2011!

William Rey Ong said...

May you have a very exciting and blessed new year. Happy New Year!

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