Saturday, December 11, 2010
I didn't have much of a chance for my usual time on the treadmill today. Work has been crazy and I had a big item to finish off this morning so I wanted to get in early before everyone else started pestering me with questions, comments about sports, and more work. Woke up at 4ish (the usual) with a cat stretched out beside me and another one on the pillow with his furry ass in my face. Gotta love the kittehs, no? Rolled out of bed just before 5 with every intention of working out. Had a wee, tripped over the third cat on the way out of the bathroom, narrowly avoided smashing through the hallway wall and somehow managed to stumble my way into the kitchen.

Now, I'm not a breakfast-food person. If I go out for breakfast, I'll enjoy eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, etc. but it takes a great deal of self discipline (something I'm dreadfully lacking) for me to make a bowl of cereal. My favourite thing for breakfast is leftovers. I debated for about 5 seconds whether or not to have the previous night's remains for breakfast or save them for lunch. I ate them for breakfast - 2 mini homemade hamburger patties, a smidgen of mushroom soup gravy and some mashed potatoes (easily 2 helpings of 'tatoes which I turned into 1). Man, that hit the spot.

As I then sat checking emails, blogs, and finding new workout music, I realized I wouldn't be able to do my usual 50 minutes on the treadmill. This bummed me out. Once I get on there, I like to go. I hate cutting it short now that I'm used to that time. However, I told myself something is better than nothing when it comes to exercise so after waiting about 1/2 hour (give my stomach a bit of time to get working on digesting that big, heavy meal), I slipped on my size 9.5's and turned on the treadmill. If nothing else I would get my 5 - 1 minute runs in along with a little bit of walking and hopefully get 25 minutes worth of sweating going on.

As I mentioned earlier, I spent part of the morning looking for new music. This was quite successful despite the fact that when it comes to music, I'm very unhip. Sure I know who Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus are, and I know that I'd rather rip my lungs out through my throat than have to listen to either of them, but I'm no longer really up-to-date on the top 40. I managed to grab a few songs and few ones already in my collection and created a new RUNNING playlist:

1. I Like It (Enrique Iglesias)
2. Disturbia (Rhiannan)
3. Please Don't Stop the Music (Rhiannan)
4. DJ's Got Us Falling in Love Again (Usher)
5. Club Can't Handle Me (Flo-Rida)
6. Spaceship (Benny Benassi)

I was very impressed with myself and imagined impressing all the young hipsters in my office (FYI - they weren't). It was great albeit a bit too short.

Today's Workout:
5 minute warmup, walking at 2.8/2.9 mph
1 minute run at 4.0 mph
2min walk @ 2.8/2.9 mph
1 minute run @ 4.0 mph
2min walk @ 2.8/2.9 mph
2 minute run @ 4.0 mph
2 minute walk
1 minute run
2min walk
1 minute run
1min walk
5 min cooldown

Total time: 25 minutes
Distance: 1.25 milies
Calories: 156 (probably not accurate)

You'll notice the anomaly in the my workout above... At that point, Flo-Rida came on my mp3 player. I was so caught up with enjoying the song that I completely lost focus on my time. Suddenly 2 minutes had passed and I had no clue! Now if only I could do that for an entire marathon!!!! Baby steps, Karen, Baby steps...

It was a good thing I squeezed in that little workout this morning since a group of us ended up going to A&W for lunch where I had 2 cheeseburgers (yes 2...but no fries!) and after work I met up with a friend at the Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner and a quick gift exchange. Ugh, I feel fat, full, and ready for bed which is exactly where I'm going.

Later gaters.


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