Sunday, December 05, 2010
Is it just me or did this weekend fly by??? Its as though we missed a full day of the weekend although I know we didn't. Maybe the universe is telling me a need a day off? Yeah, good luck with that. With the exception of two days right before Christmas that are already jam-packed, I likely won't be able to take a day off until March. Long story involving the ongoing saga of Earthquake Girl's health. Sigh...but I digress.

Sunday. Its almost over. Despite trying to get almost everything done yesterday, I've still managed to accomplish a lot today. So much for my "day of rest". I had 6 solid hours of sleep last night (went to bed at 6PM - no that is NOT a typo) and then 4 hours of on/off dozing with the cat. I haven't stayed in bed that long in quite some time. This morning, I hopped on the treadmill rather than heading down to the mini-gym; I just didn't have it in me. Or so I thought. Some bizarre urge overtook me and during my 50 minute power walk, I got in 7 - 1 minute intervals of running. Yes, running. Ok, if you actually saw me "run" you'd think it was something else but technically I think I can call it running. It felt awesome. For about an hour afterwards. Then, the lower back, hips and thighs began to protest but not too loudly. AfterI cooled down and had some breakfast, I whipped up a batch of pumpkin raisin cookies using this recipe. There was football, various putterings around the apartment, more football and then dinner where I made this risotto. As usual, I have a genetic disorder that doesn't allow me to follow a recipe exactly - I learned to make risotto using an absorption method not boiling/draining as the recipe calls for. As a result my recipe is a wee bit different but was still tasty. Thank you to Red for translating for me!

That was Sunday. At least so far. There's still one more football game to go and some knitting to work on - need to finish (hopefully) by the weekend. (Oooh I just heard a player say "fuck" on American television. Ahhh, live TV.) They're a pair of Edmonton Oiler-themed mitts for a coworker; she's a bit hockey fan. I just realized that the pair I had been making for myself and then gave to Earthquake Girl (the Eskimo-themed, green and gold pair) were given away before I could take a picture. Dang.

Oh, yes, one final thing - Christmas present for the kittehs which the superhero sister-in-law picked up last week was wrapped today as well. A fantastically soft blanket just like the one they share with Grannie Dawn during weekend naptime. Except theirs is blue. And it has polar bears on it. All that's left is a thank you gift from Purdy's for the Christmas Tree coworker, something small for Mom, a little something for Jenny Jenn Poo Poo Pants. So much for being finished!


27thstreet said...

weekend did in fact fly by.

tweetey30 said...

I have no idea where the weekend went.. It flew by here too. I work Sunday through thursday nights and have friday and Saturdays off and I have no idea where they went since we are already into Monday my tuesday again already... Yike..

Tamarai said...

You know, i think the world over the weekend goes too fast. And for some reason, Sundays faster than Saturdays.

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