Wednesday, January 19, 2011
The training resumes. Tentatively anyways.

Back on the treadmill again today and began with the "official" training schedule. Since I've started part way through this week, and its been so long since I've worked out on the treadmill, I'm going to follow the first week of training next week as well.

It feels so good to be sweating again. Is that weird? I hate sweating 99% of the time. The minute I slip on my spandex capris though...bring it on. The sweatier the better. My only problem? I don't sweat much.

I have this bizarre desire to be one of those folks with the soaked t-shirts after a work out.

The top of my head sweats quite a bit - I think I only notice because there's no hair there to absorb the sweat like a lot of folks so when I do workout, my scalp is generally wet. I blame the lack of back/chest/other body area sweat on the fact that my back is a funnel. No, I don't have that V-Shape. It just seems that all the sweat on my upper body (minus the head) seems to funnel down my back, into the crack of almost non-existant booty, and collects in my underpants.

TMI? Whatever. Its true.

Anyways, back to the workout. I started on the training schedule for the 5K in March (I'll be registering for the race in a week or so) and it felt great.

25 minutes
1.33 miles
7 - 1 minute running intervals @ 4.5mph
walking 2.8 mph

It was a struggle, I admit. I wonder how I'm going to turn into a "runner" someday. I can't imagine running for 10 minutes at a time, let alone running a half or full marathon in the future. Regardless, I'll keep at it and see how it goes.


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