Wednesday, January 26, 2011
My toe's been acting up REALLY badly the past few days. Ever since the run I did last week, its been back to the way it felt a few weeks ago. Dang nabbit. Oh well, I still managed to get an awesome possum workout in this morning.

I still am not sleeping well and its meant that I've been going to bed at 7pm which is early, even for me! So, I was awake and out of bed by 4am. Sweet Bejeebus! However, that also meant that by 5 I was good to go! 33 minutes on the bike for 5.21 miles and 7 minutes on the elliptical for .49 miles. I felt amazing! Yay!
Back in my apartment and scrambled up 2 eggs with green onions, topped with salsa (oooooh how I loves me some salsa!) and 2 pieces of whole wheat toast. Breakfast of champions baby.

At work yesterday, I noticed one of my coworkers had a medal from the Disney Princess half marathon. We chatted for a few minutes about walking and discovered that she's quite the distance walker. I mentioned my running ambitions and the possibility of not being able to follow through on them but she was very encouraging and suggested I try to do the ING walking half again this summer (its now a flat course which is great for my knees, the reason I had to drop out half way through). Its very tempting. If the doc says no running but my toe is up for it...I might decide to go for it. SOOOO many ideas floating in my head at the moment and ALL depend on that one darned toe!

PS: I'm so proud of my mommikins. She's been treadmilling or biking in the mini-gym just about every other day all month long. For 63, she's pretty awesome. Go moms!


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