Friday, January 21, 2011
One that can do an amputation?

Crap on a cracker, no running or walking for me for the next week or two. When I hopped onto the treadmill today, my right hip felt wonky and the outside of my left foot (which I've been landing on) felt like I was about to pull a muscle. So, sadly, I'm postponing the running until sometime in February.

It devastates me to have to do this. I want to run SOOOOOO much right now. And I can't. Which sucks.

Instead, I'm sticking to the stationary bike and I'm going to start using the elliptical again. I used to own one about 6 or 7 years ago and enjoyed it (it feels like running when I go fast...tee hee). Sure, it won't prepare me to run a 5K but it'll help me get into a bit better shape, perhaps lose a few pounds, and certainly I'll feel good - endorphins, mmmmmm, endorphins.

In other complaining news (sorry, I will stop eventually), my shoulders and back are sore from the upper body free weights I did the other day. This isn't REAL complaining; its a good thing - it means that I worked my muscles and it makes me smile. Sort of.

Oh! And remember my broccoli craving? I picked up some at the grocery store yesterday while I was out and had 2 cups of it (or maybe it was 1 1/2) at dinner last night. A little bit of melted Cheez Whiz and a splash of mustard (ok, it wasn't the greatest combo), some mashed tatoes and carrots. Fabulicious. And what's even better? I've still got a whole stalk left which I'm going to have for lunch today! Mmmmmmmmm. The craving has not left. I am happy.


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