Monday, January 17, 2011
...certainly not perfection.

I used the treadmill today.

And I do not have the urge to take a butter knife and saw off my toe after I was finished! Yep, I'd call that success.

This week is a bit of a stay-cation for me. I rewarded myself with an entire week off from work (yippee) and am spending it watching movies/TV, hopefully knitting (if that damn yarn ever arrives) and relaxing. As you know, I've been avoiding the treadmill like the plague. However, sitting on my ever-expanding butt has me feeling restless so I thought I'd slip on the old Saucony's and see what happened.

A little tender at first but it depended on how I came down on my foot. I usually walk on the outside of my foot so a slight shift wasn't asking too much. Even when I focused on walking properly, and coming down with more weight on the big toe, it wasn't too bad. Oh sure, there was some pain but nothing excrutiating so I kept going. I managed 47 minutes at 2.7 mph with an incline of 1. WOOOO HOOOO! And then...

... I ran.

Only for a minute and a half (5.0 mph) but I ran nonetheless. And you know what? The running was much easier on my toe than the walking. WTF? Not complaining, just confused. Immediately afterwards, I soaked my foot in a couple of inches of cold water to avoid any swelling.

I feel fantastic.

Tomorrow will be a day off or a walk up the hill to the library. Slow, steady and easy. Perhaps I might be able to do the March race after all. I just wish the pain would completely go away.


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