Sunday, January 09, 2011

After almost a month of not working out, I dragged my butt downstairs to the "gym" in our apartment building and hopped on the stationary bike.

30 minutes
level 3
random hills
7.76 miles
3.5 minute cooldown


The endorphins are still flowing 24 hours later. Ok, probably not physically possible but I still feel pretty darned good. Why the heck didn't I do this for the past 3 weeks? Sure I couldn't get on the treadmill without wincing but I certainly could have done this. Man, I am LAZY. Well, to be fair, I did spend a week recovering from a gallstone attack that sent me to the emergency room on Christmas day so I'm not THAT lazy. I'm just LAzy. ;)

The toe? It still hurts a bit to walk but I have to admit that it is feeling a little bit better. Not great, just not terrible. I think going to the doctor this past week scared it into healing mode. My doctor basically said as long as its getting better we're leaving it alone. No xrays. No splinting. Nothing. I've read that there's the possibility of developing arthritis in broken toes that are left untreated but ... well ... I already have arthritis in that toe and the other big toe so I'm not really worried.

The plan now? I'm going to keep working out on the bike until I don't notice any pain at all anymore. And then wait a couple more days. Then, I'll try walking on the treadmill. Hopefully that'll be before February which is a somewhat self-imposed deadline for training for the March race. I let J2P3 know that there's a possibility of me not running (or even maybe walking) - she was a bit upset which is completely understandable but she knows that if I don't make it to this one, I'll make it to the next one on our list. Its just frustrating to have to sit and wait. Arrggggh.

I've made another appointment, finally, with my dietician. I haven't seen her for 3 months? 4? Wow. That's bad. I managed to lose 8 pounds last year but I'm sure that I've gained most of it back. Part of the reason? I stopped writing down what I was eating. As much as I hate to admit it, this was a HUGE help in watching what I was stuffing into my gob. That combined with all the treadmilling I was doing started to whittle my massive beachball middle into a slightly supersized beachball middle. And people noticed. Do you know how good that makes me feel when people can notice a difference? Makes me want to GO GO GO!

The notebook is back and I'll be keeping track. Even last year when I was writing down what I ate, I wasn't eating super healthy but I was more aware of portion size and the items I was eating. Back on track in we go. Guaranteed I'll still pig out on pizza now and again which is ok as long as I don't do it all the time (especially with my gallbladder issues...). I have to say, being accountable to the notebook (aka the dietician) works wonders. Guilt is a powerful motivator, no?

I was a bit sore this morning so wasn't going to do the bike again but am planning on it before work tomorrow. Early mornings are my favourite time to work out; no one's around and I can rock out to my Shuffle if I want to. Likely I'll do some upper body weights this afternoon while watching the Chiefs stun the Ravens (hey, a girl can dream, no?). Instead of working out, I worked out my cooking muscles with a hearty breakfast. Mmmmm, Sundays are breakfast days. Scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa, toast and an orange. Higher in salt than I should have eaten but I'll be better for the rest of the day.


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