Saturday, January 29, 2011
I’m definitely LOVING these early morning workouts (think 5am - 545ish)! It’s hard to believe that I used to complain (despite being a “morning” person) about getting up and dragging my butt downstairs to workout. Not anymore though. Being the first one to hop on the cardio equipment before the sun even shows its face – awesome!

Bike – 33 Minutes / 5.41 Miles
Elliptical – 10 Minutes / 0.71 Miles
And smiling when it was all said and done!


Bike - 33 Minutes / 5.24 Miles
Elliptical - 12 Minutes / 0.78 Miles
Tired and a bit wobbley but good!

Squeaky bike guy showed up 2/3 through my bike ride on Friday and I had to move my towel which was resting on the seat of his bike. Dang it. I hate it when people invade my gym space and interrupt “Me Time”. It means I’m not allowed to yell at the TV or burp out loud. Yes, I occasionally do both. Oh well. I was almost done so I let it go. Saturday though, I had it all to myself!

I am feeling positive about myself today. A big change from Thursday. Thursday night, J2P3 and I did a little bit of shopping at the mall. We ended up trying on some clothes which made me feel incredibly fat, ugly, and just plain miserable. It probably doesn't help that J2P3 is cute, petite, and just lost a bunch of weight. I should have consoled myself with the fact that I have a fantastic rack but it just wasn't enough. I hate clothes shopping normally but looking in the mirror and not having even the store's largest size (XXL) fit me made me want to cry.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? I know that I shouldn't worry about what I look like now but what I will look like as I get healthier but its still difficult. Ah well, at least I'm feeling better now. Probably because I'm just hanging in my jammies and not worrying about what I look like...


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