Sunday, January 23, 2011
Last night I felt inspired. I planned on being up bright and early, head down to the gym and work my butt off. I didn't sleep well last night (cute cuddley cats) and I was just starting to doze off when my alarm sounded at 5:00. Remembering how much I wanted to work out this morning, I bounded out of bed and almost fell over from dizziness! Note to self, if you have high blood pressure, its never good to stand up so quickly.

I downed half of a carrot cake Clif Bar rather than eat breakfast first. Meh. It was not very carroty or cakey. It wasn't bad it was just disappointing. I probably shouldn't have been expecting the same sensation as eating an actual piece of carrot cake. Lesson learned. Will I try another flavour? Sure thing. Anyways, moving on...

I did 33 minutes on the bike (5.06 miles) and then 12 minutes on the elliptical (0.67 miles). My muscles were a bit wobbly afterwards but I felt awesome. I had so much energy that I did two loads of laundry, cleaned the bathroom, and puttered around in the kitchen. All before noon. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome. The ellipticals in our "gym" though are horrible and aren't maintained at all. Heck, none of the equipment there is. The tension on both ellipticals is wonky and only seems to really apply to one footpad/pedal. I'm tempted to bring the oil stuff they gave me with my treadmill next time I go down and apply some to all the machines to see if it helps at all.

Anyways, I'm now relaxing, waiting for the Bears/Packers game to start. I might end up having a bit of a nap...french fry sandwiches tend to make me sleepy...


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