Monday, January 10, 2011
In our little apartment building "gym", there are two stationary bikes. I try to always use the one on the right because the view isn't blocked by the blinds. Plus, its away from the floor vents which always seem to be pumping freezing cold air into the room. However, the righthand bike also squeaks occasionally. Not always, just now and again. Sure enough, it was squeaking today. Even with my Shuffle blaring my playlist loudly in my ears, I could hear the pedals making that annoying sound. So, since there was no one else in the gym, I moved over to the other bike. The vent was silent - almost no air coming through. Yay. One half of my body won't freeze today.

As I began pedalling away, mouthing along with Flo-Rida and shaking my inner booty (you can't shake your money maker on a stationary bike), I noticed something. After 15 minutes at a faster pace than yesterday (same level), I was way behind the distance travelled at the same time on the other bike. WTF? Figuring it was perhaps due to the sprints I had done at the halfway mark and right at the end, I sped up for a few minutes. Nope, still pretty far behind. At the end of my workout, I was 2.5 miles behind what I had done on Saturday. Arrgh. Stupid bikes are not calibrated the same. This sucks. If I was keeping track of my distance for a goal I was trying to reach, I'd be way off. Hmmmm. Guess the key is, despite the squeaky wheel or the Arctic air vent, I'm going to have to use the same bike all the time. Frustrating.

30 minutes
level 3
5.23 miles
4 minutes cooldown


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