Sunday, January 16, 2011
No bike today but I did go down yesterday morning - 35 minutes on random/level 3 for 5.64 miles. Pretty good - I think I'm just going to stick with the non-squeaky bike. Its easier for my stress level than having to try to ignore the constant squeak, squeak, squeak of the fast bike. Ah well. Whatevs.

Trying to get my eating on track before I head back to the dietician next month. Its not bad at the moment but its definately in need of improvement. To get myself in gear, I cooked this weekend. Made my first ever stuffed pepper on Saturday night (after eating salted nuts, buttered popcorn and ... gasp! ... McDonalds throughout the day). Stuffed it with a mixture of couscous, chickpeas, spinach, tomatoes, carrot and onion and a smidgen of cheddar. The filling was fantastic but the pepper was still hard despite doubling the cooking time. Dang. Ah well, I'll just remake the filling again and eat it by itself. Delicious.

Tonight, its beef stew. The last time I attempted beef stew was last year when I made beef bourguignon (sp?) and I ended up having a gallstone attack a few hours later. 'Cause I'm crazy and like to live life on the edge, I'm making this stew with wine as well. However, instead of a 1/2 bottle of Dan Ackroyd's finest, I'm only using a 1/2 CUP ... just enough to give it a little flavour. Hopefully, Murphy the gall bladder (yes, I DID name my gallbladder, thank you very much) decides against throwing a party after I start to digest.

I'm feeling pretty confident these days and I'm not really sure why. My pants keep falling down (all of them) but I keep saying its because I have no hips or ass (I don't...I come from a long line on bootyless English types). Coworkers though still comment on how I look like I'm losing weight. Hmmmm, we shall see. Not being able to walk on the treadmill, let alone run, really irks me but its not stopping me from feeling good about myself. I keep telling myself that by February I'll be back on the damned machine and in training for March. Lately though, I've been having good days and bad days when it comes to my broken toe. I'm off this week (yippee!) and I have few plans which involve getting out of my jammies let alone leaving the house so I should be able to offer it a lot of rest.

It was Walt Disney World Marathon week and the blogosphere is awash with tales from runners galore who've finished (1) the half marathon last Saturday, (2) the full Marathon last Sunday, or (3) the Goofy challenge - both the half and the full within the two days (yes, those are the craziest of crazy people!). Someday, I would like to try this. Not the Goofy. Sweet Bejeebus, NO! I mean the Disney Marathon....or the half. One or the other. It sounds like a great time, a good course, and a fun way to spend a weekend. There's also the Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll marathon. That would probably be more do-able, especially when it comes to flight/hotel costs. Besides, that's one I think I can convince J2P3 and my aunt to both do. Hmmm, I see its in December.... I don't think I'll have the cash in time. Let me give it a month and see if I can at least treadmill. If I can, I'm emailing folks. If not, there's always 2012.

What are your race plans this year?


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