Wednesday, January 12, 2011
Go go go go!
Go fat girl!
Its your birthday!
We're gonna party like its your birthday!

Because it's my birthday. I'm a whopping 38. Hurtling rapidly towards the big 4-0. Numbers don't bother me though. At least when it comes to age. So, how does a wannabe runner fat girl celebrate her big day? She heads to the gym.

Still no treadmill - the toe's getting better but there's still a ways to go. So, it was the bike again. However, there were problems. The favourite bike was every squeakier than before. Argh. I lasted a minute before getting off and trying to spray the insides with disinfectant (hey, use what you've got on hand...there was no WD40 just lying around in the weight section). Hopped back on. No luck. Switched bikes.

Despite temps hovering around -30c outside, the vent beside the other bike was blasting arctic temperatures right at my elbow. I lasted 2 minutes. Back to the first bike and tried to "grease" the other side. Nothing. Crap on a cracker. I lasted another couple of minutes or so.

I decided to move the frozen bike a few inches over and stick it out. By this time I had already logged about 5 minutes of solid riding between the two. Grrrrrrrr. The move helped a bit but it was still cold. However, I'm a trooper. Unfortunately, someone else decided to workout first thing in the morning as well. Guess what piece of cardio equipment he decided to use? Yep, the squeaky bike. Sigh. Somedays you just can't win...

35 minutes
level 3
approx. 5.75 miles


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