115. The Poisoner's Handbook (Deborah Blum)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011
My fourth book for 2011. Zipping right along! Deborah Blum's The Poisoner's Handbook explores the origins of the New York City medical examiner's office and the development of forensic medicine. Using pivotal cases, spearheaded by chief medical examiner Charles Norris and toxicologist Alexander Gettler, Blum reveals how their relentless quest for the truth led to the development of standardized forensic medical investigation in the United States. Chapters focus on a specific poison (or families of poisons) and real life murders the NYC M.E.'s office helped investigate. A fascinating look at true crime, set in prohibition-era New York City, Blum's book is an exciting step backwards in time to the speakeasys and members only clubs of the 1920s. A great gift for CSI fans! Definately recommended.


Wandering Coyote said...

Man, there are so many great books out there to read...I just wish I had my reading mojo back...

tweetey30 said...

sounds like an interesting book.. i just read a book by Ann Rule called In theStill Of the Night.Its a true crime book.. I liked it.. A mother taking all her time and energy to find out who killed her precious baby girl. It took 12 years to find it but she gets close.

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