Bad Blugger Update and an Honest Approach

Sunday, February 13, 2011
I'm not going to apologize for not posting recently as I normally would. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm going to be doing blog-wise. Part of me wants to write write and write some more and part wants to stop altogether. Facebook is blah lately and while I'm tempted to ditch it once more, I'm still too addicted to the act of checking it a few (*cough cough*) times a day to give it up. I am twittering more but most of that is related to tracking my exercise and following other folks.

Remember how I spent Christmas day? I visited the fabulous Dr. H in early January and he agreed with the emerg doc's opinion that the gallbladder had to come out. He sent a referral to the surgeon and we expected I'd get a consultation in 2/3 months. I'm going to see the surgeon in a week and a half. Yep, that soon. I don't know if that's because he had a sudden opening or if its that serious. Either way, whooopie! Hopefully he'll have a surgery date for me and let me know how long I'll be off of work. Exciting but scary all at the same time.

Speaking of work, I'm officially looking for "opportunities for advancement" outside of my department. Its ok, its not a secret. I've told my immediate supervisor, my manager, the big boss man, and the director I supposedly support. Before you start thinking that this Captain is one crazy cookie, I did it because I thought it was best to be open and honest with them. You see, I have an interview with another area tomorrow and I thought it best that they know. In our "company", its standard practice for the place I'm interviewing with to call over to my current supervisor for a reference. Rather than have one or both sort-of supervisors (its complicated) being called out of the blue, with no warning, and have to come up with hopefully positive things to say with no notice, I wanted them to have time to review the job description and to think seriously about what they'd like to say about me and my work.

A coworker is taking the opposite approach but, to be fair, we have completely different relationships with our two sort-of supervisors. I completely understand why she's chosen to take the route she has; if I was in her shoes, I would probably have done the same thing (again, its complicated). For me though, I wanted to make however many days I have remaining in our office as pleasant as possible.

I debated for about a week as to whether or not I would tell them about the interview. In the end, I'm glad I did. Its like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. They were all very supportive and understanding. While I know this will mean hardship on their end, I have to do what's right for me. I had a great talk with my manager which was the one person I was most worried about telling but all in all things went well. My biggest fear now is that they panic and start putting contingency plans into place before I actually have another position lined up. Sure, they have to plan ahead especially given the staffing issues we've had in the past but its just an need to freak out quite yet.

Having said that, things look good on the surface. I'm qualified for the job (obviously) with the exception of 1 of the responsibilities. One of my references mentioned my name to a friend she has in the dept I'm interviewing with...and it turns out, that friend is the one who will be interviewing me. I'm trying to rein in my feelings of excitement and trying to tell myself that I may not get the job so don't start planning on packing up your current desk, but its really difficult not too. Eeeegads! I hate this "not knowing". It didn't help that I had a week and a half to think about it and prepare. Tooo much time! I wish I had been interviewed last week sometime rather than having to wait so long before the actual meeting. Good news? I don't think I could be any more prepared. Bad news? Increasing anxiety about it.

I'll update as soon as I know more - both about the possible new job and the surgical consult.


Wandering Coyote said...

The thing about blogging and even FB is that they are totally voluntary and there for when you need them or want them. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater! Blog or FB when you want to! And never feel guilty. You know me - I have been known not to blog when I'm not well, but it's there for when I want it.

Good luck with your interview tomorrow! I'm excited for you and will remember to keep my fingers crossed. You will be awesome, I just know it!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

You did the right thing in informing your supervisors. Good luck with the interview and with the surgical appointment.

27thstreet said...

I think a good rule of thumb is to be open and honest about interviews within the company you work for, and silent should you decide to interview at another company.

As for blogging, do it when or if you feel like it. I was doing some posting in a second place for a while, where I was writing some longer posts. That was OK but I realized blogging on 27th Street was fine. I do occasionally post on a blues blog, but that's a different kettle of fish.

S.M. Elliott said...

I'll echo WC and Mr. A: Blogging is a voluntary act - no obligation to do it, but it's there when you're ready. No need for an all-for-nothing approach.

Best wishes for your interview! Not that you really need it: You sound totally prepped and psyched. *fingers crossed*

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