Wednesday, February 02, 2011
Howdy y'all! I haven't really had the desire or drive to blog so you'll have to forgive me but I'm back and I have a new blogging plan. I've been keeping a food diary to show to my dietician the next time I see her, and also to be accountable to myself. However, it doesn't seem necessarily make a big difference in what I'm eating. Sure, I think twice about occasionally grabbing a bag of chips for a snack or scarfing down a piece of chocolate but more often than not, I'll still do it anyways. In addition to the hand written food diary, I'm going to start sharing what I'm eating with you in hopes that I'll be able to see the changes that I am starting to make (and encourage myself to continue) and highlight those bad habits so I can begin to change them.

So, here we go! This morning, feeling completely pissed that I still can't get on the treadmill (I know! It'll take time...its just frustrating!), I decided to spice things up a bit and hit the elliptical first. Once I got on there, the memories of the elliptical trainer I used to have at my old apartment came flooding back - the sweat, the rush, the smooth motion. Originally, I had figured 15 minutes and then hit the bike for half an hour. By the time I hit the 10 minute mark, I was pumped and bumped my time up to 20 minutes. By the time I had hit the 15 minute mark? I bumped it up to 25. I felt awesome!!! And the sweat? It came back. Wicked awesome.

Elliptical - 25 Minutes
1.72 miles
273 calories!

Wow. I couldn't believe it. Awesome possum! However, I was so tired and the legs so wobbley, I decided to forego the bike altogether. Whew. Its interesting that something so simple as the elliptical could burn so many calories compared to the bike (30 minutes on the bike generally gets me about 100 calories less). Ultimately, what I'd like to do is the elliptical or bike in the morning before heading out to work (probably 4 times a week) and then the treadmill (once I'm able) in the afternoons after work/before dinner 5 days a week. Throw in a day of upper body free weights and, once I get an exercise ball, back/ab strengthening one day. Bring on the burn, baby, bring on the burn.

After my elliptical epiphany, I headed back upstairs and showered right away (I was icky sweaty, good sweaty but still icky). For breakfast, I had a hankering for some eggs but scrambled just seemed like too much work. Instead, I went with a homemade version of an Egg McMuffin. Hamburger bun (no english muffins in the house) with a fried egg, a little hotsauce, fresh pepper, and a slice of cheese. Now, earlier this week, I had paired this with a side of french fries. Don't judge me. It was delicious. Today though, I wanted something lighter, fresher, juicier. So, I grabbed an orange that was on its last legs, sliced it up and slapped it on the plate. Mmmmm. Delicious. Not shown? The little bit of ketchup on the side for dipping. The egg sandwich, not the orange. That would just be....narsty.

Question: How do you deal with injuries and not being able to do your normal work out?


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