Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Setback. Alas. The day started off pretty well with breakfast. Then had a surprise mid-morning treat of half a small vanilla steamer (steamed milk) from Starbucks. It tasted like melted ice cream. Dear god that's good stuff. I had already started on a few pita chips and some tzatziki which I shared with my coworkers. Hellas on 123 street here in Edmonton (no website) makes THE BEST tzatziki and pita chips. Their hummus isn't bad either. Not a great healthy snack but not too shabby. It could have been worse. A lot worse. And let me just tell got a lot worse later in the day.

Lunch was leftover rice (not fried) and teryaki vegetables from Wok Box, and frozen but absolutely delicious sweet and sour chicken balls. Not huge portions either. I even resisted the urge to buy some sort of delicious sugary pastry type thing when another coworker forced me at stapler-point to accompany her on another Starbucks run in the afternoon. And then? Bad things happened. I heard rumors (very VERY reliable) from two different sources about the purpose of a meeting we have tomorrow. It sounds like good news for one of my coworkers but bad news for me (we're both looking to leave and find new jobs). I'm happy for her but want to cry because it means more work for me and I won't have someone to commiserate with and back me up when I have a beef with the higher-ups.

Enter sadness, depression, and woe-is-me feelings. Also enter....the cheezie poofs. Oddly enough, they haven't made me feel any better. There's a big surprise. One positive? I dumped almost an entire bottle of coke down the drain. I drank about 6 sips and then tossed the rest. Guilt works wonders. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day but I'm guessing that the meeting will have me in the blues once again. Don't worry, I won't reach for the poofs tomorrow. I'm all poofed-out.

Sigh. Anyone have a great job they'd like to hire me for???


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