Thursday, February 10, 2011
If I could figure out a way to insert a Nike swoosh symbol into the title, I would. That's just how I felt this morning. Today was supposed to be (and probably should have been) a rest day for me. My legs were feeling really tight and I was worried about too much too soon in regards to my toe and the treadmill. However, J2P3 formally announced she'd be running the St Patrick's Day 5K next month on Facebook yesterday and I felt blue.

Why you ask? Well, it was my idea originally and due to the injury I'm nowhere near ready to do it. I'm happy that J is doing so well with her running and that I helped inspire her to start. Perhaps I'm just jealous. I don't know. Whatever. Back to me.

I pulled out my training schedule and wrote down my run/walk plan for week 1. Encouraged by Linzi's DETERMINATOR moment yesterday, I whipped on the running shoes and hit start.

I did it.
All seven 1-minute intervals.

Yeah, I rock the casbah. The legs loosened up as soon as I started. The toe however was a wee bit tender but seemed to feel a bit better the longer I went. I'm not taking that as a sign, just that I was probably ignoring it by that time.

Total time was 30 minutes, 7 minutes running, total distance 1.56 miles. Egads that's a poor time compared to some but for a non-runner, I'm going to look at that 1.56 miles as my own inspiration.

I rewarded myself with popcorn and a banana for breakfast. Um...yeah...that still needs some work.

Tomorrow? I'm going to try and get up the enthusiasm for 20 minutes of yoga. Gotta loosen up.


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