Monday, February 07, 2011
Oh treadmill, how I have missed thee.

All the rumors you've been hearing? Yes, they're true. I got back on the treadmill today. I wasn't going to bother - even if I felt good to start with, I was worried that I'd just end up in pain within a few minutes. Well, it did hurt but not enough to make me cry, scream, fall down, or even complain about it. I know, a first time for everything, right???

38 minutes later (I didn't want to overdue it tooo much), I had "travelled" 1.78 miles and that included one and a half minutes of running (1 minute @ 5 mph / 0.5 @ 6 mph)! As I had discovered previously, the running was easier on the toe than walking. I must run on the outside of my foot. Anyways, this is great news! I'm still going to include the elliptical and bike in the workout repetoire but I'm so happy that it looks like I'll be able to slowly start walking on a semi-regular basis once again. Fingers crossed - we'll see how it feels tomorrow!

And this comes just in time: J2P3 told me last night that she recently ran for 24 minutes straight at 5 mph. OMG. I'm soooo far behind her. I consoled myself with the rationalization that its because she weighs probably 70-80 pounds less than I do. Much easier for her to run when you're not carrying a six year old around your mid section. Yeah, that's it.

Speaking of J2P3, she and another friend popped over last night to watch the Superbowl. I had planned on having an all girls Superbowl party but hadn't been feeling well so I'd cancelled rather than risk making everyone who shopped up sick. However, I guess not everyone had gotten the email... Sadly, the Packers won (although it wasn't surprising) but I managed to win $25 in the office pool. Despite us all wanting to lose some weight and become healthier, they brough a gazillion calories worth of snacks when they showed up! Taco chips with homemade salsa and guacamole (which I'd never eaten before last night), Junior Mints, giant Nibs, sour Starbursts, diet Dr. Pepper (go figure...) and this fantastic cake which Jenn and her hubby made. The goal posts and football? Handmade sugar sticks. I heart J2P3.

It was a good thing I was feeling better because I believe I ate my own weight in food before halftime. Oh yeah, and for "dinner" we also had chili and rice with the best garlic toast ever (thanks Lindsey). Needless to say, I'll be paying for this all week...


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