Saturday, February 12, 2011
I felt like a bit of a slacker yesterday, resting rather than exercising. However, my body really needed it; I "slept in" which in my world means 4:45am. Today was worse; I didn't get out of bed until almost 5:30! So much for an early morning workout. Must lose the guilt.

After grocery shopping, we struggled up the gigantic hill on which we live, and I had lunch with mommikins (she had a coupon for a free dinner for two): steak, mashed 'taters and veggies (sadly the veggies were practically raw). We also split a caesar salad and a piece of cheesecake. Oh how we loves the cheesecake (it was not so good). Next, we ended up at the mall downtown to make appointments for her to have her hair done and for me to get a mani/pedi (I got a gift card for Christmas!). The spa is right across from Purdy's so we treated ourselves to a piece of chocolate each: she had the peanut butter daisy and I made my dentist happy by chomping into a Himilayan pink salt caramel. Mmmmmm. Back down the hill and home to finally rest.

This weekend has a full to-do list of things I want to accomplish so missing the morning workout put a real dent in my plans. However, I decided that the workout was more important than some of the items on the list. After watching a little bit of hockey, I decided to hop on the treadmill. Yeah, the toe is still a problem but I'm saying F#$K it. Suck it up, buttercup. I've been thinking a lot (and talking to my coworker a lot) about doing the half marathon again this summer. Feeling totally pumped up, I was on a mission - I wanted to do a 5K at a half marathon pace (for me, that's the time limit for the Rock'n'Roll marathons - 4 hours for the half). That would mean I'd need to do 3.275 miles / hour.

I ended up at 3.25 miles in 65 minutes. Not bad. I'll take it. It also feels good to see that, according to the treadmill, I burned 362 calories. Awesome. And to be fair, the last 5 minutes was my cooldown and there was probably 10-15 minutes that I walked at a 2.8 - 3.0 mph pace. I'm not sure how fast I walk when I'm outside actually doing a 5K - mom usually has a pretty fast pace and I try to keep up with her. I think 4 hours this summer is totally do-able. Mom finished her first half in 4 hours 45 minutes and that was with me stopping to take stretch breaks and sitting with me for at least 1/2 hour while we waited for the medical van to pick me up.

Saturday feels pretty good despite all the salt I've ingested... Did I mention the popcorn I munched on earlier??? No? Oh...well...forget I said anything.


Ly* said...

I need to get this motivation to run on a treadmill... I get soooo bored after like 30min, I can't pass that... When I run outside, it's like 1h30min, 2h... But now I have to suck it up 'cause I have a race coming up! It's only a 10K but still, right? :)

Wandering Coyote said...

A big hill in E-town? Seriously! LOL!

You would not believe the PMS bender I went on a week ago - it was appalling. But I'm better now & back on the right track.

I'm impressed with your dedication! I'm going to do another walk/run on the treadmill tomorrow!

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