Serene Sundays

Sunday, February 27, 2011
Sundays are the perfect mornings for workouts. I'm up early anyways - laundry beginning at 7am and Coronation Street at 730. As with most days, I'm up around 5ish anyways. And since its the weekend, and gawd awfully early, no one will be in the gym to bother me. This morning was no exception. My plan this morning was to do the bike for about half an hour and then the elliptical but once I got on the bike, the thought of switching equipment made my brain and body sigh heavily. Instead, I stayed on the bike doing ranom hills for 40 minutes and ended with a three minute cool own. Felt awesome, plenty of sweat, no burning in the legs. Its been about a week since I had been downstairs in our mini gym and it was comforting to be back amongst all the sweaty, squeaky workout gear.

7.34 Miles / 217 calories... however, when I entered my workout into Daily Mile, it said that I had burned 488 calories. I'm so confused. Neither the website nor the bike ask me to enter my weight, height, etc so how can either accurately determine how many calories I've burned???? So frustrating. I think the only way to be sure would be to get one of those monitor thingys you see the contestants on Biggest Loser wearing.

The March race is definately out. Besides the slow healing foot and the arthritic flare-ups in the other foot, I will be having surgery within the next 4-6 weeks which could happen around the time of the race. Rather than sign up and then have to cancel, I'm skipping it altogether. I'll be out for about two weeks following the surgery so I'll be able to continue working out fairly quickly. There are still some other races in the spring and summer that I'm thinking about but we'll have to see how things go. The thought of the August half marathon is still swimming around in my brain and I'll have to give it some serious thought. I'll have lots of training time but its a big commitment. Stay tuned.

Now, you'll have to excuse me, I need to hydrate. And then prepare my brain for an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck.


Wandering Coyote said...

I love that graphic! I might have to steal it for my own blog.

I am considering getting one of those sports watches that does everything but your dishes. My interval training is going so well I'm thinking of taking it outside once the snow melts, and I want to be able to time it accurately without having to constantly watch the second hand on my analogue watch. 'Cause we all know what would happen then: I'd trip and injure myself!

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