Friday, February 04, 2011
The plan to photograph and detail what I'm eating? Yeah, that's not going to work - I'm so busy at work, I just won't be able to keep up. Plus I deal with sensitive material at my desk and there could be privacy issues if I start snapping photos of my snacks while I'm working. So...no go. For now anyways. We'll see.

No workout for the past 2 days and I feel a wee bit guilty about that. However, today's lack of exercise was a precaution. Last night I was feeling very ill with a massive headache and nauseous. I slept very little because I was worried I'd wake up in the throes of a gallstone attack. Every little twinge in my tummy had me wide awake. I'm still not feeling great this morning so I decided to not risk throwing up on the elliptical.

The Update in the title of this post? It seems that I might be able to start walking again soon. I hopped on the treadmill to test out the toe both barefoot and in my running shoes and the pain was minimal. Practically no discomfort....fingers crossed. I'm giving it a few more days though before I give it a real go. You have no idea how happy this makes me!


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