Day 1 of the Seven Summits Challenge

Tuesday, March 08, 2011
Walking around the office and 50 minutes on the treadmill (my feet are paying me back for that one this morning) meant a whopping 13497 steps.  Wooot wooot!  However, I disappointed myself with the purchase of a bag of cheezies and a coke that I started last night and finished off this morning.  Despite trying to eat more "breakfast type" foods for breakfast, I had a leftover mini meatloaf and steak fries.  Yeah, for breakfast.  Man it was good but I'm now feeling very heavy and yes, just a tad bit guilty.  I'm in a course all day as well so I will be buying lunch - I'm planning on a 6 inch veggie from Subway but who knows what the day will bring.  I am going to bring peppers and carrots to snack on but I'm not sure how crunchy it'll be or if I'm even allowed to eat in the computer lab we're scheduled to be in all day.  Dinner will definately include broccoli, lots of broccoli.  Must get all my veggies in.

I'm bringing my water bottle to ensure that I hydrate - yesterday I didn't quite make my 9 cup quota.  Does anyone else find it hard to get in enough H20 during the day?  Perhaps its my addiction to flavoured drinks (soda, low sugar iced tea, lemon in my water) that makes me not want to drink it as much as I should.  This week, in addition to the walking challenge, I'm going to focus on the water intake.  Hydration helps flush toxins out of your system, is good for the kidneys, and is great for your skin.  Drink up folks!


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