The Great Popcorn Survey - The Results

Tuesday, March 08, 2011
So, the results are in.  And there is no clear decision. What was evident was that none of you like microwaved popcorn or Jiffy Pop.  I can't blame you.  They're disgusting and full of disgusting chemicals that no one can pronounce (and god knows what they are doing to people's insides).  We received one vote for the Whirly Pop thingy - and I have to say that I agree its pretty awesome possum popcorn.  Seems that Big Brother owns one (or something similar) and his mother in law used it to make popcorn for me and the kids when I would babysit.  I must get myself one now.  Stove popped and air popped are the winners and likely the healthier options when compared to the microwaved versions and theatre popcorn.

Stay tuned for the next survey...coming soon!


Kasia said...

Air popped corn is a great healthy snack.

Wandering Coyote said...

Every heard of popcorn lung? (scroll down a bit)

This is why I stopped eating it!

27thstreet said...

I like your new format. WC I'm glad popcorn lung is rare!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

I like kettle corn, but perhaps because it reminds me of summer festivals.

nwtrunner said...

Nice new blog look Karen!

I don't eat popcorn, so didn't try survey. I'm sure it's a lovely healthy snack. Then again, so is tofu, and I don't eat that either. Maybe I need to eat healthier :-)

Anyhow - love the foggy look of the blog. Maybe that's my Scottish/Newfoundland upbringing - grew up in a fog...

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