Its a Stretch

Wednesday, March 09, 2011
Today is a rest day. It was part conscious decision and part "my body is trying to tell me something".  The walk to and from the office today really reminded me that I have to start stretching more.  Ok, I have to start stretching. Period. My outer thighs especially were feeling tight.  On top of that, the stress from my current job search is building in my shoulders and upper back.  I need to plan on doing at least a few minutes of yoga this weekend to try and let some of that go. 

I don't enjoy doing yoga at home by myself though. I'm definately a class girl when it comes to the stretching.  However, I like to go with someone I know. If I don't have a friend to go with and keep me focused, I end up quitting.  The problem with working out with a friend?  My big fat bald head.  I'm very self conscious about letting people see me without my wig (people that know me that is, strangers?  who cares) and my mom is really the only one in our family who's seen me without for years. There's a huge difference between me avec wig and sans wig.  Not really sure what my hang up is; perhaps I'm just paranoid.  Mom keeps telling me how "cute" I am without hair but I think she has to say that because she gave birth to me.  Exercising with my wig on is out of the question - imagine doing a 5K with a toque on in the middle of summer.  Yeah, now you have an idea of what its like.  I tried it once and almost passed out.  I wouldn't recommend it.

Amongst my DVD collection is a "Yoga for Weight Loss" DVD.  Its not bad but again, its not a class and I have to find the motivation to get my butt onto my mat and focus.  That's like asking a fish to fly. 

I've been buying SHAPE magazine on and off for years now (I currently have a subscription but the March issue is WAY late! Grrrrr).  They have great recipes, yummy healthy recipes and inspiring weightloss stories.  What they don't have?  Stretching exercises.  I would love for them to do an article on post walking/running stretches to loosen up all the muscles.  Perhaps I'll send them a suggestion.  I don't trust the interwebbies to give me an effective, unbiased, healthy stretching routine - you never know who or where the information is coming from.  Until I get that article from SHAPE, I guess I'll have to start up the DVD player.

How do you loosen up after a workout?  Do any of you use those foam roller thingies?  And if so, what the heck are they all about???


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