"Patiently" Waiting

Monday, March 07, 2011
So, still no word on the interview I had last week. I know they said “about two weeks” but the not knowing is driving me crazy. In my career, I’ve been very fortunate. If I manage to get the interview, I’ve almost always gotten the job. There have been a few exceptions including one position that within 5 minutes, both the interviewer and I knew this was soooo wrong. So, to get the interview, have it go pretty darned well and then to have to sit and wait and stress over it… sigh.

I’m trying very hard to not think about the interview or check my messages at home every hour on the hour. Trust me, it’s taking everything I can muster. When I see one of my references’ phone line light up, I still find myself wondering if maybe they’re being questioned about how wonderful I am. I’ve asked other friends and coworkers how they get through that interim period between the interview and the answer (which can sometimes be weeks long) and their advice has been helpful: Keep looking, try not to focus on it, if it wasn’t meant to be it wasn’t meant to be, something better is waiting for me, etc.

Perhaps it’s because I want to move on so badly now that it’s feeling so much more stressful. It also doesn’t help that Earthquake Girl has essentially been offered a fantastic, perfectly suited for her job that will likely pay a good deal more than what she’s getting currently and she’ll be out of here by the end of the month. Meanwhile, I still sit and wallow in the melted snow and much in my cubicle.

So, this is the last you shall here about this interview until I get their answer. I promise. Here’s hoping it’s the answer I want to hear.


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