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Sunday, March 20, 2011
Today, Sunday March 20, my good friend Jenny Jenn Poo Poo Pants (aka J2P3), ran her first 5K race.  Originally, the plan had been for the two of us to run it together but you might remember that I broke my big toe back in December which not only sidelined any thoughts of running but put the kaibosh on my plans to enter this race with her. 

Sweat IS good - lots of compliments and cheers
for this sign.
However, no injury was going to keep this friend from cheering on her mate.  Mommikins and I made a couple of signs, bought a little flaggy thing and ventured out into the cold, snowy Edmonton river valley to offer our support.

And GO she did!
The race began at 10:15 so we figured we'd have at least 15 minutes before Jenn reached us.  I'm not sure exactly how long it took but before we knew, she was almost past us!!!  The first few runners zoomed past in no time and believe you me, they were flying!   A few more runners, cheers from us, comments on our signs and then, out of nowhere, Mommikins says "Is that her?!".  I looked down the trail and sure enough there she was!  I barely had time to pull the camera out of my pocket and line up a shot.  I prayed that it would turn out...a moving object is never easy to capture on my camera.  However, there was no need to worry.  I got what I think is a great shot of her - look how happy she is!!!!!! 

"Running is AWESOME!!!"

Jenn is a huge inspiration for me.  She's always had the strongest willpower of anyone I know; she's funny; she's determined; she's strong; she's kind and supportive; and now, she's an athlete. 

Oh, and she goes MENTAL for cookies...

"Great job Jenn...Cookie?"


I think she actually ran back a couple of steps to grab the homemade cookie we had brought her. (Kindly ignore the crazed laugh you hear... I was delirious from the cold).


Wandering Coyote said...

Awesome job!

What kind of cookies were they? :D

Wandering Coyote said...

BTW, how cold was it? I thought you guys were on a warming trend.

Karen said...

They were a kind of "everything in my cupboard" cookie: oatmeal, butterscotch and chocolate chips, dried tropical fruit mix.

It was only about -5, maybe -10 but there was a bitterly cold wind coming off the river valley which is just a few feet from where we were standing. Brrrrr.

Oh, and I forgot to mention, she finished in an amazing 35 minutes! Great for a beginner!

Kasia said...

That's great! Congrats Jenn!! You and your mom are good friends going out to cheer her on.

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