Saturday Night

Saturday, March 26, 2011
Saturday night.  Where else would a warm blooded Canadian girl be in late March except parked  in front of the television.  Its Hockey Night in Canada, my friends, and Toronto is playing.  They're still in the race for the playoffs (barely) but they still have a tiny sliver of hope.  Kinda like the Liberals in the upcoming federal election.  Ooooh, bazinga!  In an effort to (a) save money, (b) eat healthier and (c) have our respective doctors/dieticians NOT yell at us, Mommikins and I have not been ordering pizza.  I miss it.  I admit it.  I like pizza.  So, instead, I made a homemade one this evening. 

Mmmm, spinach
 Yes, that's spinach.  It seems I'm adding it to just about everything these days.  It tastes especially yummy in a turkey sandwich with a splash of Frank's Red Hot instead of lettuce.  Homemade sauce - I used a can of salt-free tomato paste and added enough water to make it the consistency I wanted.  Then, I added some garlic, basil and oregano.  My sauce is killer (and good for you!).  After the spinach, I added some canned pineapple and  a bunch of sauteed veggies:  red pepper, onion and mushrooms.  No that is not a typo.  I added mushrooms.  And not just to Mommikins' side; I mixed them in with the pepper and onion when I sauteed them.  Never fear, the pieces were deliberately cut small enough that I wouldn't notice them when I bit into one.

Lots of veggies

 Doesn't that look divine?  Mmmmm, definitely prettier that the stuff that comes in a cardboard box!  Top with cheese (a mix of cheddar and mozzarella) and then into the oven it goes.

Into the oven!

 To be honest, it looks a bit better than it tasted.  The toppings were delicious, as was my sauce.  It was the crust.  I didn't mix enough oregano into the dough (I love this) and my yeast was old.  I also didn't add as much salt to the dough as they asked for - I was trying to be healthy.  The big thing that was missing which we normally add to our pizzas when we make them at home:  salami.  This would definitely have added the salt factor.  The omission was deliberate but not because I was trying to be healthy (well, I was but that's never stopped me from enjoying a good salami...shut up...perverts);  the last time I had homemade pizza with salami, I ended up in the emergency room.  Yeah, I'm scared to try it again until after I have my gallbladder removed.

Oooey goooey goodness
All in all, not a bad pizza but certainly not the best I've ever made.  I'll definitely have to get new yeast so we can do it again; the crust rose a little bit but when it was in the oven it didn't move a millimetre.. 

Hockey and pizza...typically Canadian.  The only thing missing is the beer.


Barbara Bruederlin said...

It looks yummy! I add spinach to everything that isn't running away as well. In fact, I saute the spinach first so that it reduces down and I can get a whole bag or two onto the pizza. Esp good if you saute the spinach with some garlic.

mister anchovy said...

that's some fine looking za.

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