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Friday, April 01, 2011
Along with all of the usual fabulous blogs that I visit (you know who you are), I've had the pleasure of discovering a few new ones over the past week.  Why not check these out:

1.  Herbie Likes Spaghetti
Herbie is an adorable kitteh who really does love spaghetti!  I can relate:  Anubis loves pasta as well.  Weird, perhaps.  Adorable, definately.  Herbie, along with his humans, Bryan and YiRan, live in New York and blogs about all the fantastic dishes they feast on.  The photography is excellent, the food sounds delicious, and the kitteh is absolutely squishable.  Herbie and his love of noodles was Blogger's Blog of Note for March 16.

Herbie chowing down (photo courtesy of Herbie Likes Spaghetti)
 2.  Little Brown Pen
Another Blog of Note, this time from March 18, Little Brown Pen is Nichole's photo blog filled with scenes of Paris.  What I love about her blog?  Its not the touristy sites in Paris that she's highlighting.  Her photos are filled with the everyday, the adorable little touches that make Paris unique.  If you can't get there yourself, this is the next best thing.

Photo courtesy of Little Brown Pen
3.  Rockstar Diaries
Want to see the most adorable bulldog ever imaginable?  Check out Rockstar Diaries.  Kingsley is short, fat and the epitome of puppy cuteness. Oh yeah, there's also something about a cute baby, her parents and some great scenery in Washington. 

Kingsley has his own column over on the Rockstar Diaries
4.  K MIller Photographs
The other night I was scrolling through Flickr photos, specifically pizza, to get some inspiration for what kind to make this weekend.  I came across a great shot of a delicious, homemade pizza.  The caption had a link to the photographers blog and ... the rest is history.  I spent almost an hour scrolling through previous posts filled to the brim with Kim's photos.  Inspired by her photos, I sent off an email to her immediately, singing her praises.  And while she loves milk chocolate not dark, I'm still a fan.  She also has a great eye for animal photos, with an uncanny ability to catch them at their cutest.'ll be sucked in by the furry little kittehs.

Fran finds a new home in the camera bag - photo courtesy of K Miller Photographs

5.  Love and Olive Oil
Food, glorious food.  Is there anything else to say???  While all their recipes sound delicious (accompanied by amazing food shots), I'm dying to try their peanut butter dark chocolate pudding cups pictured below. O.M.G.

What is there to say?  Love and Olive Oil


Kasia said...

Love, love, love and love.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Cute and delicious! What's not to love? Thanks for giving us more reasons to never leave the internet.

Karen said...

Barb, you are welcome :)

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