Downtown Farmers Market...In April?

Saturday, April 02, 2011
Yes, its true.  The downtown farmer's market, normally located on 104 Street, is usually only open from the May long weekend through the first half of October as its an outdoor marketplace.  However, thanks to Sharon over at Only Here for the Food, I learned recently that they've opened up the market at City Hall on Saturdays through the spring.  Mommikins and I were very excited to be able to wander the albeit slightly smaller venue and see what tempted us.  We didn't come away with a lot but we're still happy.  Mom picked up a honeysuckle toy for the kittehs to play with.  It was barely out of the bag when Nero jumped on it! 
What do you mean, you only bought ONE?
We also split a bag of fresh beets and a bag of fresh parsnips; we then treated ourselves to a sample bag of delicious cookies from Confetti Sweets.  I don't remember seeing them before at the 104 street location but we to be fair we didn't visit a lot last summer.  When we got home, I opened the bag and the first cookie on top was a cranberry oatmeal.  OMG.  If you find your self in the downtown market this summer, I INSIST you try one of their cookies!
What is there to say, they're soft and delicious!
After sampling a piece of their corn  bread when we first walked into the market, I couldn't stop thinking of the Prairie Mill Bread Co.'s bread the entire time there.  On our way out I decided I MUST get a loaf of something.  We settled on their honey white: plain, simple, heavy.  I swear this thing weighed as much as a new born baby.  According to the package, it weighed 2 lbs.  That's a bit heavy for a loaf of bread...its going to be good.  I'm planning on grilled cheese later...
2 lbs?  Seriously?  This is gonna be goooooooood!
We rounded out our trip with a bunch of daffodils.  Today was my maternal grandmother`s birthday and she loved daffs.  They are sitting in a vase on the TV stand where we can see them from most spots in the apartment and be reminded of her. 

3 comments: said...

ooh sounds yummy.. its me tweets. i have changed my blog to this

Kasia said...

I like that you posted about your outing at the City Market. Beautiful photos of Nero and the cookies :)

Karen said...

Thanks Tweetey!

Kasia, that's actually Anubis ("Nubi"). Nero is my big fat orange cat. I'm going to do a cat post soon to introduce them properly. :)

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