More Pizza Making Woes

Sunday, April 03, 2011
Saturday night, mom and I wanted pizza once again to enjoy while watching the Leafs win another one (playoff hopes are still alive...barely, but still alive!).  Even the Oilers managed to win one for a change, this time against the Canucks, although I only stayed awake for the first period.  I decide to give the dough recipe I had used last weekend another go to see if new yeast made any difference.  It didn't.  The water/yeast combo did not foam or get frothy and the dough did not rise a millimetre even after sitting for half an hour.  I am so disappointed.

Great toppings, great cheese, terrible crust...again.
Despite my willingness to indulge her meaty desires (um...that just sounds...not right), Mom suggested another vegetarian pizza.  I'm all about that.  We ended up slicing a zucchini really thin, sauteed some red onion and mushrooms and topped with pineapple (I loves me some pineapple on pizza).  For the cheese, we opted for a mix of cheddar, mozza, and feta.  The sauce, the toppings and best of all the cheese were all delicious.  I'm on a hunt now for a new pizza dough recipe.  I wish I had saved the one I had used when I made this gorgeous creation.  The crust was fabulicious. 

I don't recommend you use this recipe.  It sucks.  Aren't you supposed to add sugar to yeast?  Am I wrong?

How do you make your pizza crust????


Kasia said...

Try the one I posted. It's a traditional style though so won't rise too much either.

mister anchovy said...

I add yeast to luke-warm water then add a spoon of sugar. If the yeast is good, it will start to foam in a couple minutes. I don't measure anything for dough. I do the yeast/water/sugar in a coffee mug.

Then I put some flour in a bowl and add some olive oil (maybe 1/4 cup?) and mix that together with my fingers, then add the water/yeast/suger and mix it around with a wooden spoon. I add flour about a cup at a time. When it gets hard to mix with a wooden spoon, I start using my hands. I don't use any electric mixing devices. I keep on adding flour until I can knead the dough without it sticking to everything. Then I knead it until is changes and finally let it rise in a bowl covered with a hand towel. Works for me.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

My yeast always gets foamy when added to warm water with sugar in it. I use Fleishmann's traditional yeast. I assume you have replaced your yeast?

As for the actual dough, mine doesn't rise hugely, perhaps because I substitute whole wheat flour and cornmeal for white flour.

Wandering Coyote said...

Did you not see my link on FB about my recipe on ReTorte?

Also, get rid of your yeast. Use quick yeast or instant yeast. Skip the traditional yeast method because it's finicky as hell and instant doesn't care what temperature the liquid is. You can also use bread machine yeast - it's exactly the same thing.

Red said...

Why do you even want your crust to rise? Thin and crispy is the best!

sp said...

I use the same method as mister anchovy except that I use the dough hook in my food processor to do the job, and it works great.

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